Our Why

You start your life learning a great deal in school—numbers, colors, grammar, etc. This education gives you the foundation you need to succeed in life. You further your education through college, trade school, on-the-job training, reading, the school of life (you get the point). Over the years, you learn what you need to build a life and a career.

The funny thing is that through all this education, there is very little to no financial education. Maybe you learn some things from your parents or books, but most will not have any formal education in personal finance. Yet at the end of the day, we are all responsible for our financial lives.

Somehow, we end up making those big money decisions. Hindsight has shown which decisions were good and which ones hurt our pocketbooks. Here at Bridgeview, we don’t believe that these decisions should be a gamble. We believe that you know what is best for you and your family. Our role is to make sure that our clients are well educated about all their financial options and the later effects of those decisions or indecisions.

It’s your life, and we feel that you are the driver of your own financial journey. We see our job as your co-pilots, here to help chart your path and navigate life’s uncertainties.